Common Core Math Controversy

by Stanley Kurtz

Greg, on 3 x 4=11, I quickly posted links to a story with the full video (after saying “we need more context on this video clip”) as well as articles with further information and opinions on the role of “fuzzy math” in Common Core (here and here, and did so again when I raised the issue here). This video raises a very real issue, with hugely different ideas about how to teach math at stake. I think the Breitbart headline on the story with the full video got it right: “Wrong Answers Acceptable.” That doesn’t mean that children never get told the right answer. But it does mean right answers don’t matter nearly as much as they should, or traditionally have. Conservatives fought this kind of math in the Nineties. Now it’s here and deserves to be fought again. The fuller video doesn’t change that, it confirms it. Supporters of this brand of math ought to confront the issues raised by the opinion piece I linked here. Looks like my postings have been taken out of context.

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