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Walker to GOP: Focus on 2014 Races, Not 2016


Wisconsin governor Scott Walker brushed aside questions about his 2016 presidential prospects to urge Republicans to concentrate on the upcoming midterms first.

“At least on the Republican side, I think it’s too early,” Walker said on Fox & Friends this morning. “It’s a disservice to both the party and the country.”

If Republicans focus on holding the House coupled with the “very real chance” of taking back the Senate, then it will ultimately set the party up for 2016, he explained. “[Whoever] the nominee is in 2016 has a real opportunity he or she on the Republican side can . . . say, ‘We can turn American around, just like these Republican governors and Republican legislative leaders have done across the country,’” Walker said.

Walker, who is up for reelection next year as well, also emphasized the 36 gubernatorial races next year, of which 22 are of offices held by Republicans. He praised the work of Republican governors over the past few years in helping stabilize their states’ economies, and, in fact, expressed the opinion that the governors’ efforts prevented the national economy from getting worse, which ultimately helped propel President Obama to reelection in 2012.

“No doubt about it,” Walker asserted.


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