Cruz Sides with Paul in Paul-Christie Spat

by Katrina Trinko

Conroe, Texas — Ted Cruz is still standing with Rand.

Chris Christie and Rand Paul have been sparring since last month, when Christie suggested that libertarian views on national security were “very dangerous.”

“I am proud to stand with my friend Rand,” Cruz tells National Review Online in an interview. “I don’t think the protections of the Bill of Rights, I don’t think individual liberty is an esoteric concept.”

“Not only do I disagree with Chris Christie when he said that the protections of the Bill of Rights and the privacy of the American people are esoteric and academic, I also disagree with him when he said that President Obama has been effective in his national-security policy and going after terrorists. I think he’s exactly wrong.”

“I think President Obama has been markedly inefficient,” Cruz adds, referring to warnings about the Boston bombers and the Fort Hood shooter before their attacks.

Cruz declined to answer whether he would vote for Christie in 2016 if he is the presidential nominee.

“It is far too early to be speculating on 2016 presidential candidates,” says Cruz, who has been to Iowa twice this summer. “I like and respect Chris Christie. I think he is a strong voice in a blue state that has not historically been friendly to Republicans, and I am grateful for his courage and leadership in doing so.”

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