Cruz: Political Divide Not ‘Republican Vs. Democrat’ But ‘Career Politicians’ Vs. Americans

by Katrina Trinko

Conroe, Texas — Ted Cruz attacked both the GOP and Democrats for refusing to abolish the IRS in a speech last night.

“The reason it’s impossible to abolish the IRS, as any intellgesia in Washington can tell you, is because both parties have a vested interest in mainting the status quo,” Cruz told the audience at a Montgomery County GOP dinner. 

“I think the most important divide in politics is not Republican versus Democrat,” he added. “It is the entrenched career politicians in Washington versus the American people. There are an army of lobbyists in K street that makes hundreds of millions of dollars from lobbying for exemptions and loopholes in the tax code, and so when traditional Washington rules apply, that can’t be done.”

Cruz pushed the grassroots to call for the abolishing of the IRS in his remarks. 


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