Pro-Filner Supporters Rally Around Mayor

by Andrew Johnson

As recall efforts ramp up to remove San Diego mayor Bob Filner from office, it turns out that the embattled Democrat still has enough supporters to hold a rally. A few dozen pro-Filner attendees cited some reasons they were standing by him: his polices; they’re skeptical of the 16 allegations of sexual harassment; or, they’ve never been a victim of his.

“I have not been the recipient of sloppy kisses, and I have met Mr. Filner on many occasions,” proclaimed one local activist.

Another claimed there was “no evidence, no facts” that Filner harassed any of his accusers. She called the accusations “unAmerican,” “unconstitutional,” and “totally illegal,” among other descriptions, and demanded due process for the mayor. She speculated that there was a conspiracy to embarrass a Democratic mayor after the previous mayor was a Republican.

Supporters also sang “We Shall Overcome” outside of City Hall.

Filner returned to his office earlier this month after completing therapy following allegations of sexual harassment. The entire San Diego City Council and other California lawmakers have demanded he resign, and a recall effort kicked off earlier this week. Organizers must get more than 101,000 signatures to qualify for a recall.