State Representative Announces Primary Run Against Lamar Alexander

by Katrina Trinko

Tennessee state representative Joe Carr announced today that he would run against Senator Lamar Alexander in next year’s GOP senate primary. From The Tennessean:

We’re taking on a Goliath — we know we are,” Carr told conservative talk show host Ralph Bristol of 99.7 WTN, where he chose to make the announcement, the morning after The Tennessean first reported on his candidacy.

Alexander’s campaign responded within minutes of the hour-long radio appearance, touting the senator’s “conservative voting record” and pointing to his National Rifle Association, National Right to Life support and chamber of commerce backing.

“He will continue to do his best to use his experience and conservative principles to solve problems and get results for the people of Tennessee.”

Interestingly, the Senate Conservatives Fund, the Jim DeMint-founded organization that looks to put stalwart conservatives in the Senate, indicated to The Tennessean they didn’t see Carr as the right opponent to challenge Alexander. “If he couldn’t get traction in the House race, he probably won’t get traction in the Senate race either,” said Matt Hoskins, executive director of the Fund.

Carr had previously been primarying Republican Representative Scott DesJarlais before he decided to run for the senate seat.




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