Anti-Gun Group Releases Dramatization of Trayvon Martin Shooting to Attack Stand Your Ground

by Sterling Beard

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence released an anti-Stand Your Ground YouTube video Monday, which makes use of the 911 calls that occurred the night that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.

The video opens with a man running through the rain in slow motion, talking on a cell phone while Zimmerman’s 911 call from that evening plays. The audio includes the infamous exchange between the dispatcher and Zimmerman, when the dispatcher told him that the police didn’t “need” him to pursue Martin. The Zimmerman figure stops and turns, and another figure, representing Trayvon Martin, can be seen in the distance.

As Zimmerman figure reaches to the small of his back, the video cuts to the inside of a home and another 911 call. The video pans around the home before focusing on a woman talking on the phone and looking through her window blinds. There’s the sound of a gunshot and a bright light shines through the window.

The video fades to white and then back in. As a tearful 911 call plays, Zimmerman is crouched on the ground while a faceless figure shines a flashlight at him. The camera pans down and away to reveal Martin laying on the ground, face-up, and wearing a hoodie. The camera continues to pan, showing more hoodie wearing victims. State names appear above the corpses, each of which has some form of a “Stand Your Ground” law in effect.

“Our laws should protect victims,” the overlay says. “Not create more.”

An annotation links to a page on the Coalition’s website which asks viewers to sign a petition to oppose Stand Your Ground.

Via Yahoo! News.

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