Quit This

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Earlier this week, the Catholic League, also out of New York, launched a petition drive to ask the federal Department of Health and Human Services to quit it with the abortion-drug, contraception, sterilization mandate that pits radical sexual revolutionary values against religious liberty, forcing religious organizations and businessmen to choose between conscience and compliance. That’s unacceptable. And so is this cultural mindset that men and women are interchangeable and we’ll mandate that your health plan work to make it so, and we’ll raise girls to think that freedom is in insisting so, and then we’ll figure out how to make polyamory work* because anything goes . . . except the views of those who are “uncomfortable” with pretending eleven-year-old girls are sexually liberated agents the village school can raise quite fine with “preventative services” (that’s the Obamacare ground that launched the HHS regulation) on the road to a diploma.

(*An actual headline from the BBC: “How does a polyamorous relationship between four people work?)


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