MSNBC Contributor Argues NRA Should Train Teachers to Talk Down Mass-Shooters

by Andrew Johnson

Georgia school clerk Antoinette Tuff’s calmness and quick thinking in talking down a potential shooter averted what may have been another massacre, and has received plenty of praise in the media. When 20-year-old Michael Brandon Hill entered Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, Ga., armed and off of his medications, earlier this week, Tuff approached Hill and succeeding in getting him to put down his weapon until he was eventually apprehended by police.

As miraculous as Tuff’s efforts were, the Guardian’s Ana Marie Cox argued that the National Rifle Association should adopt training programs to teach Tuff’s tactics to teachers.

“They talk about training teachers with guns,” Cox said on MSNBC last night. “I think they should train teachers to do stuff like what Antoinette Tuff did.”

Mediaite’s left-leaning Tommy Christopher counters that Cox is ignoring the statistical abnormality of Tuff’s successful endeavor, one that even trained professionals would likely not be able to replicate. “Not one professional police negotiator in a hundred could have done what she did, but that’s where we’ll direct our energy?” he wrote. “We might as well spend money training lightning to strike these guys.”

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