Rand Paul: ‘Unlikely’ That He Will Endorse Any Republicans Challenging GOP Incumbents

by Katrina Trinko

Senator Rand Paul will likely stay away from Republican primaries in 2014 that involve an incumbent Republican senator.

“I won’t say absolutely I won’t,” Paul tells National Review Online in an interview regarding whether he would consider backing a Republican candidate primarying a current Republican senator, “but I think it’s unlikely for me to get involved in a race against a Republican incumbent.”

Paul endorsed Senator Mitch McConnell, who is facing challenger conservative businessman Matt Bevin, for re-election last year. He has met with “about a dozen” potential Senate and House GOP candidates for 2014 already.

He remains supportive of defunding Obamacare in the upcoming continuing resolution, but said the pressure should be on the House. “The hardest step right now,” he says, “is convincing enough Republicans in the House that this is something we should make a stand on.” 

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