Olbermann Talks Politics in First 48 Seconds of New Show

by Andrew Johnson

Keith Olbermann couldn’t even wait a full minute to bring up politics during the premiere of his ESPN2 show.

Last night, the former MSNBC and Current TV anchor returned to the sports network he left in 1997, and opened the show discussing New York Jets coach Rex Ryan’s quarterback issues. Olbermann jokingly acknowledged that he was wading into politics remarkably quickly when he mentioned Chris Christie — “who could be the president” — 48 seconds in the show.

More surprisingly, Olbermann agreed with the Republican governor. He later told viewers that he concurred with the governor’s calling a New York Daily News reporter “an idiot” for tweeting that Jets coach Ryan should be fired, though it was hard for the newscaster to spit out. “Holy cow,” Olbermann said, “the governor is. . . the governor is right.”

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