Matthews: Obama’s Opponents Dishonest About Opposition

by Sterling Beard

Chris Matthews said Wednesday that opposition to President Obama is racially motivated, but that the president’s opponents cloak their racism in other objections.

Broadcasting from the Lincoln Memorial, Matthews compared opposition to Obama to the way the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) prevented singer Marian Anderson from performing at Constitution Hall in 1939 because she was black.

“At least they were honest back then,” Matthews said. “Today in American politics you have people like Donald Trump, who hangs around with Mitt Romney, talking about the president being an illegal immigrant, basically being a con artist on a street corner. You’ve got people talking about nullification of the law of the land. You got people talking about impeachment like [Tom] Coburn. You’ve got Ted Cruz out there.”

“They never say their problem with Obama is that he’s black,” Matthews continued. “But look at the pattern. The pattern is rejection of his legitimacy at the first point, saying he’s not really here legally. It’s rejection of the law he passed, the landmark bill passed in 2010. It’s an attempt to impeach him on no grounds.”

Matthews also compared Obama’s opponents unfavorably to the DAR. 

“At least in the old days they were honest about it. Today, they’re not,” he said. 

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