Cory Booker’s Friend T-Bone

by Eliana Johnson

Newark mayor and New Jersey senatorial candidate Cory Booker is, by all account, an impressive guy. The Stanford, Oxford, and Yale graduate moved to Newark in 1995, after his second year of law school, and was elected to the city council in 1998. On the stump, he speaks often of his interaction with Newark’s citizens. But I write on the home page that the drug dealer “T-Bone,” of whom Booker has spoken repeatedly and in highly emotional terms, doesn’t exist. Here’s what Booker had to say about him on one occasion: 

[T-Bone] looked at me with this vicious ferocity that he looked at me with when he first threatened my life, and he bit down hard on his lip and he burst into tears and he started crying and sobbing into my dashboard . . .

More here. Perhaps the mayor watched a little too much Seinfeld?

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