Wasserman Schultz: ‘Dozens’ of Countries Back U.S. Action in Syria

by Andrew Johnson

Democratic National Committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says there are “dozens” of nations supporting the United States’ intervention in Syria, but regrets she’s “not at liberty to say” which ones.

“There are dozens of countries who are going to stand with the United States, who will engage with us on military action and also that back us 100 percent,” Wasserman Schultz said on CNN last night. When pressed by host Wolf Blitzer as to which ones, the Florida congressman said some of that information was classified.

The host asked Wasserman Schultz if those countries pledged military or diplomatic support, and she responded that it was a combination of both. “The important thing is we need military and moral leadership here,” she said.

While the U.S. has tried to build a coalition to take action against Syria, key allies have already rejected the idea: The British parliament voted down the idea last week, and Italy, Germany, and Canada have said they won’t support any intervention that lacks a U.N. mandate. The Arab League, which supported the U.N.-authorized intervention in Libya, won’t endorse U.S.-led intervention and supports an internationally authorized action. The French president has indicated a willingness to be involved, and will bring military authorization to a vote in parliament this week; Australia has agreed to support strikes diplomatically, but won’t be militarily involved.

She indicated she believes Congress will authorize action in Syria, saying, “President Obama and, I think, the Congress will make a very strong signal that this conduct — murdering your own people mercilessly — is unacceptable.”

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