Syria, Cyrus, Cynicism, and Sarin

by Mona Charen

Jay and I may disagree — a little — about Syria. But we’re both sure that Miley Cyrus represents the end of the true and the beautiful. We wonder about the fellow who declared, as recently as June, that “We must move beyond the mindset of perpetual war” and now declares, through his Secretary of State, that this is a “Munich moment.” Apparently, though, a Munich moment requires only a show of force “just muscular enough not to get mocked.”

We consider the president’s war making power and competence, take note of Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea and reflect on how how often major figures in free nations lend their prestige to the most ruthless and blood-soaked dictators (Jay provides a partial list straight off the top of his head of Castrophiles). And then there were the Mitford sisters  . . . 

The 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “Dream” speech became a tawdry exercise in political slander, and Jay explains why Muslim extremists burn down churches in Egypt when things don’t go their way.

Do join us.


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