re: Miley Cyrus and the End of the True and the Beautiful

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Mona, I actually think it’s Robin Thicke. “Blurred Lines” says so much about what low expectations we have for men, and how miserable that’s made so much of life. It’s the stuff of longer essays and books and rebuilding, but I would rather talk about Thicke than Miley Cyrus. There was an innocence that was robbed of her. Without pulling a victim card she seemed to reflect on that in a recent interview

“People are like ‘what’s your advice to young people that want to be actors’ and I’m like ‘don’t do it’ because you need to enjoy being a kid. People don’t realize but with so many responsibilities you hold an entire company on your back and you’re a kid so you’re supposed to f**k up,” she told Notion. “Then when you do, it’s the head of the company that ends up getting letters from a thousand different people and that all comes down on him which then comes down on me. I don’t think any kid should be responsible for their personal life representing a company as big as that.”