Dem Rep. Scolds Rangel for Opposing Obama

by Andrew Johnson

In a heated exchange, Jim Moran of Virginia castigated New York’s Charlie Rangel for his opposition to United States military action in Syria, and worried that Rangel’s position would “cripple” the president politically until the end of his term. The Democratic representatives quarreled over their differing point of views on the issue on MSNBC last night.

Throughout the debate, Rangel echoed comments he made earlier in the week criticizing President Obama’s red line, saying that just because the president made the threat doesn’t mean the U.S. should automatically engage. He also dismissed claims that intervention would not be “a war”: “There’s no such thing has a half-war. . . . War is war.” Moran, on the other hand, argued that “if we have the world’s largest military” then the U.S. “should do the right thing” and intervene.

As the conversation wrapped up, Moran admonished his colleague for objecting to the president’s calls to take action. “Not only is your position wrong, but you’re going to cripple our president for the next 40 months,” Moran said before Chris Matthews closed out the segment.

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