Scarborough to Dean: ‘You Sound Just Like Paul Wolfowitz!’

by Andrew Johnson

Joe Scarborough skewered Howard Dean for his unquestioning support of the administration’s push for military intervention in Syria, comparing him to one of the lead architects of the Iraq War.

“You sound just like Paul Wolfowitz back in 2002,” Scarborough told the former Vermont governor on Thursday. “Don’t ever trust that the president has more information than we do and that we can’t sit back and be baffled by this man trying to pretend that he’s a passive actor on the world stage, when he is the one who has framed the outlines of this debate and put us in the position that we’re in.”

Dean attempted to dodge accusations of hypocrisy by asking to “discuss the merits [of intervening in Syria] instead of playing the blame game,” and argued that his criticisms of President Bush and Iraq were different because faulty intelligence that led to intervention. 

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