Costa, Ponnuru Discuss Obama’s Attempts to Convince Congress on Syria

by NRO Staff

Both Robert Costa and Ramesh Ponnuru joined the Kudlow Report to discuss the uphill climb the Obama administration is facing in Congress to get authorization for military action in Syria. “I think the president is actually pretty nervous right now because he’s looking at the Whip account, not only on the Republican side in the House where it’s very tenuous, but on the Democratic side in the Senate,” Costa said.

“What the president is doing today is going out there and making a case — a broad case — for anyone who will listen in Congress to try to get them to vote ‘aye,’” he added.

Later, Ponnuru criticized the administration’s lack of accountability to address serious concerns over intervention. “Congress is skeptical, the public’s opposed, and the president is there saying, ‘This isn’t a test to my credibility: this is a test to the credibility of every person in the world except for me,’” he said. “I don’t see how that kind of rhetoric is going to persuade people who have genuine questions, not political questions, but questions about the merits of this enterprise.”