Armed Services Chairman: I Urged Obama to Make Syria Case to American People, ‘Didn’t Sit Too Well With Him’

by Andrew Johnson

House Armed Service Committee chairman Buck McKeon said he urged the president to go before the American people and make the case for intervening in Syria, but “that didn’t sit too well with him.” In a further indication that the president does not want to shoulder responsibility for the impending military action alone, McKeon reported that, in a meeting at the White House, Obama indicated he wants Congress “to go out and basically sell [the war] too.”

“I told him yesterday he needs to go to the American people, he’s the one that’s elected by everybody, he needs to look in the America, look them right in the eye and tell them how he made the decision,” the California Republican told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow. “He said it’s not just the president, you guys have to go out and basically sell it too, it’s not just the president.”

“I’m a little befuddled,” McKeon continued. “I don’t know if America’s credibility is on the line — I think the commander-in-chief’s credibility is on the line.”

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