Sessions: If Bush Drew Red Line, Assad Wouldn’t Have Used Chemical Weapons

by Andrew Johnson

If George W. Bush had threatened a red line on the use of chemical weapons, Syrian president Bashar Assad would have taken it seriously and never used them, according to Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions. He criticized President Obama’s abandonment of the principle of “peace through strength,” leading Assad to believe he could use chemical weapons without repercussions.

“I do believe if President Bush had told Bashar Assad, ‘You don’t use those chemical weapons or you’re going to be sorry, we’re coming after you, and this will be a consequence you will not want to bear,’ I don’t believe he would’ve used it,” Sessions told a group of tea party supporters in Wetumpka, Ala. “People didn’t see strength in the president’s red line — they didn’t believe it, now they went on and killed 1,400 people.”

Sessions told the audience that he remained undecided on the president’s request for authorization, and was skeptical about a plan that would involve the U.S. training rebel forces.

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