San Antonio Passes Ordinance Banning LGBT Discrimination

by Katrina Trinko

San Antonio has passed an ordinance that will prohibit discrimination against LGBT community, reports the Dallas Morning News:

The San Antonio City Council voted 8-3 to approve a nondiscrimination ordinance that includes gays, even after Attorney General Greg Abbott decried the move.

The ordinance extends protections against denying someone housing, jobs or public accommodations because of their sexual orientation. The ordinance is modeled after provisions already in effect in Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston and Austin. . . .

Abbott wrote a letter to San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro saying similar provisions had provoked lawsuits in other states. For instance, Abbott cited a baker in Washington who refused to provide a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, citing his religious conviction that homosexuality was wrong.

Last month, I looked at the concerns some had that people who opposed gay marriage because of their religious beliefs woudl be affected by the law. 

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