What You’re Saying as You’re Investing

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

From a $100 contributor to the National Review Online fall fundraising drive: “Thank you for your talent, hard work, and dedication to the cause.”

And from a $50 contributor: “Of all the material I read in a day, NRO is by far the best. I can’t imagine a world without it and wish only that I could donate more.”

Also, this afternoon, from a friend in Canada, along with $100:  “As a relatively rare Canadian free market conservative I am a huge fan of NRO. Happy to support it, may it continue to thrive.”

And along with $50:

I am so thankful for National Review.  Began listening to Buckley years ago and have been sold every since.  In a day of decreasing logic and adherence to the principles upon which our nation was founded, National Review continues to put forth a case for reason.  Thank you!

Thank you, all — everyone who has contributed thus far. Donate here. Thanks so much.

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