Paul: Assad Deserves Death Penalty, Planned Strikes Won’t Do It

by Patrick Brennan

Senator Rand Paul said this morning that he believes Syrian president Bashar Assad “deserves death” for ordering attacks on civilians, but he’s opposed to authorizing military intervention in Syria because the current plan of action is designed not to target the tyrant himself.

“When I see the horror of these attacks, my first impulse is whoever ordered that deserves death,” Senator Rand Paul told Fox News’s Chris Wallace this morning. But, he said, the plan he’s seen from the administration “is not to target Assad, not to target regime change. . . . I don’t think we’re going to do anything to Assad for doing these attacks.”

“It’s more likely that chemical weapons could become freed and go about between the rebels or into al-Qaeda’s hands” if the U.S. strikes, Paul argued.

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