Paul: Striking Assad Will Destabilize Syria More

by Patrick Brennan

Senator Rand Paul argued on Fox News this morning that the U.S.’s key interest in Syria is the security of the regime’s chemical-weapons stockpiles and ensuring that they are not sent to hostile states or terrorist groups — an outcome he considers more likely if the U.S. stikes Syria. Fox News’s Chris Wallace had asked him whether he agreed with the White House’s contention that the U.S. has to punish Syria in order to send a message to other rogue states; Paul contended Assad could well be “more emboldened” if the U.S. attacks, and that a more unstable Syria would present a greater threat to U.S. ally Israel.

Later in the show, Paul repeated the argument, saying the situation “is more likely to be unstabler” if the U.S. intervenes.

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