Blinken: U.S. Would Welcome Surrender of Syrian Chemical Weapons

by Sterling Beard

The United States would welcome Syria surrendering its chemical weapons to international control, Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken said today.

“We would welcome a decision and action by Syria to give up its chemical weapons,” Blinken said during the White House daily press briefing. “The whole point of what we’re doing is to stop Syria from using these weapons again.”

Blinken said the United States would take a “hard look” at the new Russian proposal for Syria to surrender its chemical weapons but warned that any such initiative would “take time, resources, and probably a peaceful environment.”

Blinken also emphasized that “this proposal comes in the context of the threat of U.S. action and the pressure that [President Obama] is exerting,” and argued that Congress ought to give Obama the authority to strike Syria. 

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