Can You Match This?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

This note just came in with $1,975.00 for National Review Online’s fall fundraising drive:

I am matching the contributions made by the generous and supportive folks referenced in:
Dog Days  $50
NRO – What a Bargain!  $50
The Fight Goes On  $100
This is Loyalty  $25
Do You Want Us to Keep It Up and Keep Getting Better?  $100 The O’s for Optimism  $100 What You’re Saying as You’re Investing  $100, $50, $100, $50 From a $50 Contributor to NRO’s Fall 2013 Fundraising Drive  $50 What a Way to Start a Fundraising Day  $1200

Can you match it? Donate here.

I love our readers. 

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