What You’re Saying ...

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

From a $50 contributor to our fall fundraising drive:

You are my start to every day.  When I lived in VT, it was a complete necessity to spend time at NRO keeping my arguments up to date to do battle against the throngs (well, throng, it was Vermont).  Now in VA, the need isn’t so great (although, that might change), but the enjoyment level is just as high.  Keep it up and try to get Jonah back in the corner at bit more often.

From a $10 contributor:

I read you everyday and I wish I could give more, but just glad to have a job! Thanks for all you do.

From a $100 contributor:

A heartfelt thanks. No day is complete without spending at least a little time on NRO. It’s an armory of ideas. Because of your efforts, thousands are better equipped to refute liberal orthodoxy.

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