What Will the Children Read?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

From a $200 contributor:

Your opinions and analyses are and have long been clear-eyed, fair, and in the best traditions of the true America.  But I started reading NR many years ago for a more selfish purpose–namely, because it was (correctly) touted as the best-written journal in the country, hype that it’s lived up to.  Along the way, the consistently outstanding analyses (both in NR and on NRO) solidified my hunch that so-called conservative (or classically liberal) principles are in my DNA (but truly, they’re in everyone’s, or almost everyone’s–things like fairness, freedom, family, color-blindness, etc. are hard to disagree with, which is why opponents instead resort to Orwellian tactics that at times make Baghdad Bob look sober).  My hope is that my four children, as they get older, will read NR/NRO the same way my wife and I started reading it–for the pithy and trenchent writing, and then, for getting even more informed on the animating principles that made the American people great, and can do so again.  

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