CNN Anchor Shuts Down Colo. Recall Loser Who Claims Voter Suppression

by Andrew Johnson

Both of the Colorado state legislators who lost their seats in Tuesday’s recall election have echoed Democratic National Committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s claim that voter suppression is to blame for their loss, but one CNN anchor won’t buy it.

“Forgive me, but I’m going to cut you off right there,” host Brooke Baldwin said to Angela Giron as she began to cite the issue.

Baldwin pointed out that Giron held clearly unpopular views on gun rights, noting that her lavishly funded effort failed to defend her seat against a grassroots recall campaign. Giron continued to insist that she lost because the lack of mail-in ballots led to low voter turnout, and Baldwin kept trying to steer the conversation back to the gun-control issue (John Morse, the other recalled senator, made a similar case on MSNBC earlier in the day).

As Jim Geraghty pointed out on The Daily Rundown this morning, given the circumstances — a recall election in September in an off-year — turnout wasn’t especially low. In Giron’s district, the recall election’s turnout was about 75 percent of what it was for her most recent reelection, in November 2010.

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