You People!

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

In my fundraising pitch today I talk a little about my love for you – the National Review Online reader. You have all kinds of opinions and preferences but what you have in common is you are here, you stay here, you come back here. And just now, I see we have a $100 contribution from someone who has been writing for us for a few years in his expert area in The Corner entirely for free. He does it because he knows it will be read and have an influence. And he also knows NRO is something he wants to continue to be able to read and write for. So he made a financial investment. Those are they types of people writing for us. You people are invested. And so in your $10 or $1,000 ways, you’re making that known, as some of you loyal long-termers have again and again. I wish WFB could thank you. But as someone who was reading National Review in sixth grade or so, I thank you!

And here’s my pitch today. And here’s the donate button.

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