Graves Will Fix Typo in Cantor Alternative

by Jonathan Strong

Representative Tom Graves is aggressive about wanting to cut spending, but even he didn’t have this in mind. His proposal, released yesterday, inadvertently authorizes $967 million in budget authority for FY2014 instead of $967 billion.

The proposal, as written, would fund the government at about 1 percent of the spending under current rates, which, needless to say, would be a very significant change in how Washington operates. 

Graves spokesman John Donnelly says his boss will move quickly to fix the error.  

While typos and other clerical errors are certainly embarrassing, they happen from time to time in the process of enacting new laws. In a July 2012 episode dubbed “typogate,” Republicans tried to fix a typo in a regulatory moratorium bill, but the bill fixing the typo had its own typo. Gleeful Democrats finally allowed Republicans to fix the second typo by unanimous consent after Representative Virginia Foxx broke down in tears on the House floor.

The good news for Graves, as relayed by Donnelly, is that six new co-sponsors have signed onto his proposal overnight, bringing the total number of supporters to 49, or over one fifth of the entire conference. The new cos-ponsors are Representatives Tom Cotton, Candice Miller, Scott Garrett, Larry Bucshon, Chris Stewart, and Trey Radel. Here’s my post about Graves’s proposal and how the group plans to push for a one-year Obamacare delay. 

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