Putin’s Triumph and More

by Mona Charen

Byron York of the Washington Examiner (one of the best political journalists working today) joins Jay Nordlinger and me this week on Need to Know. Byron reports on the divisions among Republicans about how best to battle Obamacare and whether one more vote to defund or delay the thing is really very canny. 

We consider the triumph of Vladimir Putin and what it means for America’s standing in the world. More broadly, we conclude (we don’t promise you roses and sunshine this week) that the meaning of the Syria debacle is actually that Russia will protect Iran’s nuclear program. For more on that subject, see my column today on the homepage. 

We consider the results of the mayoral primary in New York (is Detroit about to get competition in the dysfunction sweepstakes?), the baby panda at the National Zoo, and some cheering political news from Australia, Norway, and the mayor’s office in Washington, D.C. Join us! 


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