What NRO Supporters are Saying

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

From a $100 contributor:

National Review is a lifeline of sound thinking and astute criticism amid the flood of the mainstream media.  Keep up the good work!

From a $57 contributor:

In honor of the 57 years of National Review, and the 57 states visited by Obama.  

From a $25 contributor:

Thanks for being my sensible, well-informed, articulate, intelligent, and (of course!) always engaging companions in a world that, at least to those in their right-minds, frequently seems to be a little crazy. I truly appreciate the wonderful blend of conservative thought that NRO provides on a daily basis. Only wish that I had more to give, but the law school loans must be paid!

From a $100 contributor in Oklahoma City

Keep up the fine work NRO! You all are a daily resource for me.

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