FLASHBACK: Biden: ‘Buy a Shotgun’

by Andrew Johnson

As part of the White House’s push for an assault-weapons ban following last year’s Newtown, Conn., shooting, vice president Joe Biden told Americans that a a shotgun — the weapon used by accused Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis — is a safer alternative to an AR-15.

In February during a Facebook town hall with Parents magazine, Biden recommended the weapon to a mother concerned about protecting her children, recounting how he told his wife to take the family’s shotgun and fire it into the air if she ever felt threatened. “Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun,” he urged.

A month before, in a separate Google Plus Hangout, Biden said that people will feel “a lot safer” with a shotgun because they are more accurate and easier to use.

Following yesterday’s shooting, some media outlets initially reported that Alexis was armed with an AR-15. CNN’s Pamela Brown reported earlier today that FBI’s Washington, D.C. office said Alexis did not have an AR-15, however, but used a shotgun.

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