Brazilian Hackers Hit NASA Not NSA

by Alec Torres

As many Brazilians remain angry about the U.S. cyber-spying on Brazil, some Brazilian hackers decided to raise their objections online. The hackers mixed up America’s space agency with its security agency, accidentally hacking NASA instead of the NSA. After gaining access to NASA’s webpage, the hackers left a message that said “Stop spying on us” and urged the U.S. to not attack Syria.

The space agency confirmed that the hacking had occurred, and NASA spokesman Allard Beutel further explained that “at no point were any of the agency’s primary websites, missions, or classified systems compromised.”

“We are diligently taking action to investigate and reconstitute the websites impacted during the web-defacement incident,” he said.

The cyber infiltration was prompted by the information leaks of former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, which indicated that the NSA had spied on the Brazilian president’s e-mail communications. Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff recently announced that she is postponing her visit to Washington because of concerns over the NSA’s spying.

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