Jezebel Publishes Article by ‘Untrained Illegal Abortionist’

by Alec Torres

In an article on the feminist blog Jezebel entitled “I Help Desperate Women, and Could Go to Jail for It,” an anonymous author discusses his or her experience as “one of America’s unlicensed, untrained illegal abortionists.” The author says the inconveniences of women who would have had to drive hours to the nearest abortion clinic multiple times pushed them to start sending the author, who had previously written about abortion, “desperate pleas” for help.

“These women had dire stories. Many were mothers already,” the author said. “They needed abortions, but the nearest clinic was three, four, six hours away. They’d need to go on more than one visit. . . . They had exhausted all their funding, and their state’s abortion fund didn’t have enough money to help them that week.”

So the author sends small, unmarked packages of prescription abortion drugs to many of these women. However, the author, worries, “I know, [when I send the drugs], that it could be a devil’s bargain—that this could be the envelope that gets traced back to me. This could be the one that lands me in prison.” But worst of all, according to the author, is the risk that those pills “could be the one that kills someone.”

Despite the risk, the author continues the illegal operation and, perhaps as a matter of principle, doesn’t make any money from it. “In fact, I’m out of pocket a little over a thousand dollars in total, due to purchasing and then giving away abortion pills” according to the author. If the women don’t send money, “I don’t argue,” the author says, “I’d rather get them what they need.”

Abortion-related pieces published by Jezebel in the past have included one calculating the best age for women to abort and another arguing that children with Down syndrome “live terrible lives.


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