House GOP Upbeat, at Least for Now

by Robert Costa

Here’s what I’m hearing about this morning’s House Republican conference meeting: It was, generally speaking, a positive session, but the House GOP’s unity may be fleeting as the fiscal drama unfolds.

Speaker Boehner’s announcement, that he’ll bring to the floor a government-funding bill that also defunds Obamacare, was warmly received.

Conservatives Tom Graves (Ga.), Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.), and Matt Salmon (Ariz.) spoke up and said they back Boehner’s plan.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor stood alongside Boehner as the speaker explained his CR plan, and then offered his support.

Boehner and Cantor said the defund-CR vote will come on Friday, but the debt limit remains the leadership’s preferred battleground.

The leadership said it’ll do what it can, but it’s up to the Senate to follow through and pass the House’s stopgap bill.

House conservatives still believe they can win the defund fight, in spite of the Democrats’ control of the White House and Senate.

A shutdown remains a possibility. The leadership doesn’t want one, and Paul Ryan told his colleagues it’d be a P.R. disaster, but, for now, there’s no alternative Republican CR, should things fall apart in the Senate.

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