Rand Paul’s Mom: Rand Won’t Announce Presidential Run Until After 2014

by Katrina Trinko

Vogue profiles Rand Paul, and talks to his mother, Carol Paul:

No less an authority than his own parents suggest that he’s readying a bid. “Ron thinks it’s terribly early to be starting a campaign,” Rand’s mother, Carol, tells me over the phone from her house in Texas, referring to her husband, who is at that moment swimming laps in the couple’s pool and otherwise keeping busy in retirement with the online Ron Paul Channel and other projects. However, the prospect of a Rand Paul presidential campaign “feels real,” she adds. “Rand says he won’t declare that he’s going to run until after 2014. . . . Groundwork has to be set.”

Kelley Paul, Rand’s wife, also talked to Vogue — an interesting decision, since I don’t recall Kelley Paul ever speaking to national media previously. 

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