Elliott Abrams on No Way to Run a Railroad

by Mona Charen

Elliott Abrams has a knack for saying scary things in a reassuring tone. Still, much of what he has to say on this week’s Need to Know is highly disturbing. We discuss the diminution of American power generally, and Elliott notes the disturbing style – not just substance – of foreign-policy decision making in the Obama White House. (Hint: The fellow who considers himself the smartest man in any room simply doesn’t take advice.) We discuss the response of Arabs and Israelis to the perception of American withdrawal and weakness and analyze what the Syria debacle portends for stopping Iran from getting the bomb.

Jay walks down memory lane with Elliott.

Jay and I then address the response to the Navy Yard shootings. Is there a dawning realization that untreated mental illness is the problem we must address and not guns?

We note the racism hoax at Oberlin College, two offenses against civility and logic by the Washington Post, and more. Please join us! 

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