Fall Reading

by Yuval Levin

Fall is upon us, and the new fall issue of National Affairs is here, packed with essays that shed light on America’s promise and America’s challenges. Among our offerings this season:

Tom Miller on the elements of a serious alternative to Obamacare

Frederick Hess on what education reformers are missing

Gabriel Schoenfeld on national-security leakers and the freedom of the press

Robert P. George on the foundations of religious liberty

Jonathan Rauch on the republican (if not always Republican) virtue of compromise

Jay Cost on Medicare and the constitutional system

And much more, from the causes of the mortgage crisis that brought about the Great Recession to how we might tame the complexity of government, to whether originalism and judicial restraint can still coexist. Some are free to all, others are only available to subscribers, and here is where you can subscribe—to also get the magazine in print. 

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