When the Webathon Stopped

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Good news: The daily reminders that National Review Online comes to you at no subscription charge, urging you to contribute to its future, are done for now. Thank you to everyone who donated to our fall fundraising drive. In addition to your donations, many of you shared some of your NRO favorites, let us know what NRO means in your life, and made suggestions. Consider this a final plea for now – the donate button is here. And thank you.

I think you’ll want to read this one, in particular:

I am a daily (multiples times a day, actually) reader of NRO, and I subscribe to the magazine, as well. I’m twenty-seven, probably on the younger end of your readers/subscribers, and it’s impossible for me to explain how much NR/O has impacted my political thinking. There are certain pieces that I come back to on a regular basis (such as the Sep. 2010 editorial on The Case for Marriage, and just about anything Ramesh writes) in order to keep the arguments fresh in my mind. The writing here covers the full spectrum of conservatism, and that’s what I most appreciate. Although I have never met any of the writers at NR/O (outside of occasional twitter chats), I feel like you all are my friends and my mentors. $100 is all I can do, for now. Keep up the excellent work, and continue to standard athwart. Many of us depend on you.

From a $50 contributor:

Really enjoy your website — providing rational, reasonable, non-inflammatory commentary on our crazy out of control government and politics.

From a $50 contributor:

 Wish it could be more, retired USMCR, fixed income. I enjoy validating my "crazy old guy" thoughts and values in these un settling times.

From one other $50 contributor:

I just dropped my Wall Street Journal subscription ($340/annual) because I found myself reading NRO way more often, so here is some money for all your hard work. (I still get NR on-dead-trees, too.)

From a $10 contributor:

No other publication so succinctly speaks common sense conservatism as the NRO.

Along with $200:

 You serve as an indispensable daily source of informed conservative opinion. May you all live long and prosper.

And with $100:

Thank you for all your hard work.

And with $25:

Keep up the great work. We need you now more than ever!

And with $50:

I love NRO. It’s my favorite website. I know you’ll keep fighting the good fight with intelligence, and wisdom. I imagine the financial reward for writing for NR or NRO or any of the opinion journals is not great or in line with your efforts and talents. Thank you all.

And with $50:

NRO is indispensable to me. I scan/read y’all virtually every week day.

From a $75 contributor:

Keep up the great work!  You are one of the best resources for those of us in the silent majority. 

From a $50 contributor:

Been freeloading too long.  Hope this helps!

From a $100 contributor:

You do really great work.  Keep it up.  We need your analysis and commentary to keep us informed, thinking and acting.

With $50:

Thanks for being there, year after year.

And along with $75 from a grateful mom:

I’m a homeschooling mom and consistently rely on your articles to help form the constitutional conscience of my three children.  The Morning Jolt is our springboard into the topics of the day, and rarely do we stop at reading just the column.  Thank you.

From a $75 Bay State contributor:

The National Review is an electronic sanctuary.

Along with $750, one couple explains:

We calculated it as a dollar a day for my wife and I for the  comfort and intellectual ammunition we gain to do battle in the political wasteland of the San Francisco Bay Area. Plus $20 for you and Rich to go out for a well deserved beer. Cheers!

From a $20 contributor:

Love NRO. Wish I could do more.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And know you can contribute to NRO anytime here.

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