Michael Moore: Breaking Bad Would Have Never Happened with Universal Health Care

by Andrew Johnson

Obamacare opponents may have found a new argument: The plot of one of the best television shows in recent years would not be believable if the United States had a more Canadian health-care system.

On Sunday night during the Emmy’s, leftwing filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted that Breaking Bad’s award-winning plot would have never transpired in Canada because cancer-stricken protagonist Walter White would have received treatment shortly after his diagnosis. In the show, White, a high-school chemistry teacher in New Mexico, turns to making and dealing meth to secure his family’s finances before he dies. In Canada though, Moore argues, White would have received treatment paid for by the government and wouldn’t have felt forced to turn to a life of crime.

At the award show last night, Breaking Bad, which is in its final season, won “Outstanding Drama Series.” Make sure to check out Jonah’s piece on the series over on the homepage.

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