Michael Moore Super Genius

by Jonah Goldberg

Andrew, Michael Moore’s argument is pretty old hat on the intertubes. I’ve been hearing it for years, and it only gets dumber with age. First of all, one of the few unrealistic notes in Breaking Bad is the idea that Walter White’s teacher-union-negotiated health care would be as bad as they made it out to be. Even so, it’s not that Walter was denied coverage. It’s that he couldn’t get the best treatment on his school’s plan. Anybody who knows anything about Canada’s health-care system knows that such problems exist there as well (Rebecca Cusey makes this case at greater length here). And would continue to exist in a single-payer system (the Warren Buffetts of the world will always get better healthcare than poor people will). That’s why so many Canadians fly or drive to Michigan to get treatments they’d have to wait in line for at home. Also, it’s really not the case that Walter became a meth dealer just to pay for his treatment. He became a meth dealer so he could provide his family enough money after he died, or at least that was his initial rationalization (and the one he has returned to as the series concludes). He stayed a meth dealer for the reasons I lay out in my piece. I expect Moore to argue that if only we paid teachers better Breaking Bad wouldn’t have happened either. 

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