Dem. Strategist: Plenty of Armed Security at the Navy Yard, They Just ‘Stood Around and Watched’

by Alec Torres

Democratic strategist Steven McMahon says that, contra the NRA’s assertion that the Navy Yard shooting site wasn’t sufficiently secured, there were plenty of Navy personnel with guns on the base, but they just “stood around and watched” during the massacre.

The shooter ”walked in with an assault weapon and was able to get off enough rounds to kill twelve people instantly, or nearly instantly,” McMahon said. “Everybody with the guns stood around and watched or apparently were unable to stop him.”

On Sunday, the National Rifle Association’s executive vice president and CEO, Wayne LaPierre, argued that “there weren’t enough good guys with guns” at the Navy Yard to stop the shooter, former contractor Aaron Alexis. “How can anybody look at what happened this week and say there was enough security there?” LaPierre asked.

“The guns were present. It was a Navy facility,” McMahon said on MSNBC today. “It’s ridiculous.”

McMahon may be sure he knows what happened at the Navy Yard last week, but he’s clearly mistaken on at least one point: Alexis didn’t use an assault weapon during the shooting; he showed up with a shotgun.

Via Mediaite.

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