Monuments to Ten Commandments, Reagan Vandalized

by Sterling Beard

Two different monuments were vandalized last week, and both are bound to draw sympathy from conservatives.

The first is a monument of the Ten Commandments which resides on the property of Faith and Action, a Christian outreach ministry, in Washington, D.C. Vandals managed to knock over the 850-pound granite monument, which was anchored to its concrete base by a steel rod (no small task; when it was originally installed, it took an eight-man crew, a truck, and a hydraulic lift). The commandment tablet is undamaged. According to the Reverend Robert Schenck, who leads Faith and Action, this is the first time the Commandments have been vandalized and Faith and Action plans to repair the monument which is located only one street over from the Supreme Court.

Across the country in Temecula, Calif., vandals torched a bronze, life-size statue of Ronald Reagan.

The statue, situated in Ronald Reagan Sports Park – so renamed in 2004 from Rancho California Sports Park because the nation’s 40th president praised its fundraising and volunteerism origins in a 1983 speech to the U.S. Olympic Committee – is only a year old. It displays the Gipper wearing a yellow shirt and jeans, holding a shovel in his right hand and a cowboy hat in his left.

The statue is blackened but still standing, and the park is soliciting donations to repair it. 

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