Hillary Clinton: It ‘Would Be a Very Strong Statement’ for U.S. to Elect Female President

by Sterling Beard

Hillary Clinton played coy about her presidential ambitions yesterday during a panel discussion at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting, saying that she thought it “would be a very strong statement” for the United States to elect a female president.

“That is a question that I will answer taking myself totally out of it,” Clinton said when CNN’s Sanjay Gupta asked her “how important” it would be to her to see the U.S. elect a female commander in chief. “Someday I hope it happens,” Clinton saidFor her, the former first lady explained, seeing a female president is “part of a larger mission to expand participation and leadership among women around the world.”

Clinton, however, downplayed the impact such an election would have on women in real terms, saying it would be “symbolic” but would not break down economic barriers to females.

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