Where Are the Women?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

You may recall that refrain back when the Obama White House was trying to convince Americans that anyone talking about religious freedom was actually waging a war on women on the road to reelection. Well, they won and their coercive mandate begins to hit religious groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor on January 1. The Little Sisters of the Poor are now suing the Department of Health and Human Services seeking protection from the mandate, in the first class-action suit against the Obamacare regulation (they are joined by their benefits provider Christian Brothers Services and Christian Brothers Employee Benefits Trust), among other religious providers.

To get a sense of them and their service and charism, making Christ known in the world, serving Christ in the world, watch this video:


The Little Sisters of the Poor don’t get salaries for their work, they depend on donations. And yet they will face crippling fines for not providing people they employ with abortion-pill, contraception, and female sterilization coverage.

What we were supposed to believe was about Sandra Fluke’s right to contraception is actually a regulation that not only mandates that Americans violate their consciences, but arbitrarily exempts some and not others. Women religious serving some of our most vulnerable don’t qualify as religious by the administration’s rule. That’s ridiculous and it underscores how crucial it is to defend religious liberty — when we shrug or pretend we’re debating whether or not women can use contraception or not, we all lose. And we’re not being the stewards we’re called to be, of rights men died to establish here and defend.

The Little Sisters of the Poor are being represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty

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