Israeli Embassy Mocks Rouhani with Fake LinkedIn Page

by Sterling Beard

The Israeli embassy has taken a shot at Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and his supposed charm offensive (which, to some eyes, came to a halt with his speech at the U.N. yesterday anyway).

The embassy posted a fake LinkedIn page for Rouhani on its website, branding him “President of Iran, Expert Salesman, PR Professional, Nuclear Proliferation Advocate.”

In addition to farcically listing skills such as “Illusion,” “Nuclear Proliferation,” and “Ballistics,” the fake profile gives a satirical summary of Rouhani’s career.

“Since my election as president of Iran in 2013, I developed and have executed an unprecedented PR campaign for the government of Iran,” the profile reads. “Through a series of statements, tweets, op-eds and smiles I have rebranded the human-rights suppressing, Ayatollah-led regime as moderate and a source of hope among the international community.” 

According to the New York Post, the profile went up on Tuesday hours before Rouhani spoke to the United Nations General Assembly. 

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