UPDATE: Petition to Rescind Cruz’s Harvard Diploma Removed

by Andrew Johnson

A new MoveOn.org petition to rescind Ted Cruz’s Harvard degree has emerged after the Texas senator’s 21-hour speech because he “has proven that he is not Harvard material.”

Addressed to Harvard president Drew Faust, the petition argues that Cruz’s efforts are a waste of taxpayer money and make a mockery of the university, as well as the Senate. The petition asks that, along with rescinding Cruz’s diploma, the university make a statement saying that his time at Harvard had no effect on him or his views.

The petition currently stands at 30 signatures with some appearing to be done in jest by Cruz supporters.

Cruz graduated from Harvard Law School in 1995 and received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University. In June, former Democratic Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell said that Harvard and Princeton “should be disgraced” by Cruz’s having attended those institutions.

UPDATE: The link to the petition says that the page is no longer available.

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